Francesca Hummler is a photographer based in London, England. She received her B.A. in Media Arts from the University of California at San Diego in 2019 and is currently a Photography Masters candidate at The Royal College of Art in London, England. Interested in issues regarding identity she draws from her experience as the daughter of German immigrants in the United States to explore familial intimacy and generational trauma. Heavily influenced by the concept of photo-therapy Francesca also often utilizes self-portraiture to untangle her sense of self.    
Recently she was selected as one of the laureates of the 2021 Carte Blanche award for her series "Unsere Puppenstube" or "Our Dollhouse". Her work has been exhibited in Adam D. Kamil Gallery, La Bodega Gallery, Art Hub London, Irvine Fine Arts Center, and in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. She has completed freelance work for clients including The Sundance Institute.